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Team Profiles




Jan Evans

Product design, training and support
18 years in schools marketing and admissions management from a commercial IT and direct marketing background

Tug writes about Jan...
Jan's background in IT followed by a career change into marketing from whence she eventually moved into the Independent Schools' sector gave her a unique combination of skills which culminated in the development of RSAdmissions the product. Jan is passionate about the role of admissions in schools marketing and has constantly strived to raise the profile of the people who do this important job.

In addition to developing the software and supporting her clients, Jan is involved in customer care training for admissions and marketing folk. The team also run the very successful Certificate in Admissions Management courses for AMDIS.

When not marketing or computing, Jan is a committed member of her Church PCC she also arranges flowers for Church and family weddings.  She likes to jive (with Robin) and entertain and ... when she can escape ... relax in the sun! 



Robin Evans

Training, finance, admin and event management
14 years in RSAdmissions training from an Army background

Jan writes about Robin...
People often ask me how we at RSAdmissions manage to maintain our many and diverse commitments all over the Country, and the answer is "Robin"!  He has an unrivalled flair for administration and organisation and keeps us all moving forward with the skill of a military strategist (which he is, of course, as an ex Army officer!). 

Robin is also a skilled trainer who puts even the most nervous computer user at their ease.

Robin spent most of his earlier career in the Army and was commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1963. He has served throughout the world and has held operational, training and administrative appointments.

As a keen sportsman, one of his most rewarding appointments was a two-year tour as an Outward Bound Instructor at the Army Outward Bound School.




Tug Rhys

Marketing communication and design specialist, product training and customer support
12 years in schools marketing and admissions from a marketing agency background

Jan writes about Tug...
Tug brings a particularly unique combination of experiences to the team. As an ex Admissions Registrar and teacher and a parent of two children who have attended separate independent schools, Tug provides us with a wealth of 'hands on' practical experience from all sides of the fence!   Add to that Tug's many years of experience in marketing communications, including having run her own marketing agency, and being a partner in her husband's business, it is easy to imagine the breadth of advice she can pass on.

Having originally started her career as a graduate trainee with Liberty in Regent Street, with a view to becoming a fabrics buyer, she soon discovered that their marketing department was even more enticing than their shop floor!

Tug lives in Hampshire with her husband and has two children who have now both 'fled the nest!'  In addition Tug is a serious cricket enthusiast.



Simon Webber

Product design and development
Over 20 years of system design, programming and technical support

Jan writes about Simon...
Simon has his own company, Alpha Computing (UK) Limited.  He provides our product development and technical support services and has been doing so since January 2010.  He is an enthusiatic professional who enjoys new challenges. He has used his incredible design and development skills to completely re-write the software recently enabling us to deliver a faultless new product to our users at no extra cost.  Simon has worked in IT since 1986 developing software for the MOD, civil engineering, banking and insurance industries.

He has extensive experience in application software including VB.Net, C#,MVC, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Office Products.

Simon lives in Whitehill, Hampshire with his wife Leslie and has two grown up children Kirstie and Matthew.  He is a mad keen fisherman, which takes up a good percentage of his leisure time. 



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