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Bespoke Training

In addition to supporting our RSAdmissions clients, we are often asked to undertake bespoke Customer Care training for individual school 'front of house' teams and also to run training courses for groups of delegates on behalf of a number of Independent School organisations.

When parents choose your school for their child, a number of factors help them reach a decision. Importantly, this decision is influenced by the treatment they receive on initial contact, or when they visit for the first time.

At these crucial points, you have the perfect opportunity to make a positive impression and start building a lasting relationship. And, of course, the care does not stop when they become parents at your school...

julia1-1We offer Customer Care Programmes

  • Designed to meet your school's specific requirements
  • Suitable for all members of staff who regularly come into contact with prospective and current parents
  • Delivered by established trainers in admissions management and customer care




"Jan and her team produced an excellent tailor-made training course on customer care. It was useful not only to admissions staff, but to those working in any department where they come into contact with parents.
It was delivered in a friendly and engaging way and all the staff, regardless of experience, where able to take a huge amount away from it. I would definitely use RSAdmissions again for any training needs and would highly recommend them."                                                                                                                                                                                          

Mrs Lizzie Alexander, Registrar, Haileybury

"The girls talk all the time about the day that you and Tug spent with them and I can honestly say that the training you provided was among the best that we have seen. Thank you for the insight you have given them."   
Mr Hugh Wilding, Principal, Claires Court Schools

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