RSAdmissions is the only Admissions and Marketing database for Independent Schools designed and supported by people who have 'done the job'.

The system is designed to be easy to use and flexible.

It uses everyday technology for letters and reporting and includes over 100 reports for the administration of admissions and to enable the presentation of up to date management information on the recruitment process and marketing initiatives.

    Key Features:
  1. Download prospective enquiries, registrations and open days from your website.
  2. Enter, find and amend enquiries with all the information on one screen.
  3. Add and report on events and visits including the ability to invite and change the status of visitors ‘en masse’.
  4. Use Microsoft or Google calendar to automatically prompt follow ups.
  5. Use a hyperlink to link individual enquirers to any documents on your system.
  6. Run reports, listings and statistical information at the ‘touch of a button’.
  7. Export all reports and listings to Excel, Word or Google Sheets.
  8. Create additional reports in Excel, Word or Google.
  9. Enter and report on feeder schools and record contact.
  10. Enter and report on Agents and record contact with Agents.
  11. Manage the complete entrance exam process.
  12. Design, create and store any number of letters, reports and forms using Microsoft Mail Merge or Google Mail.
  13. Design, create and store any number of e-mail mail merge documents both personalised and non-personalised using Microsoft or Google Mail.
  14. Export ‘joining pupils’ to all current school MIS systems.

In Development: Creation of a ‘dashboard’ – automated reporting to SMT Introduction of Projected Roll reporting On-line capability Enhanced customer support services including data-analysis

Whats Included

Data Import

Existing data will be imported if required and 'cleaned up' if necessary. (We reserve the right to negotiate a small charge if the 'clean up' is likely to take more than a couple of days).


On the Network server.


Initial training normally takes a day and we have found that this is sufficient for users to 'get under way'. Two to three weeks later we will return for further training and discussion as required. Thereafter, training visits can be arranged to suit you. In your first year we offer 3 training sessions, at your school and at your desks at no additional charge. Even when you feel you do not require any further training, we still like to call in and see you, if only to say 'hello'! If any users leave, we will come in and train their replacements. In your second and subsequent years, we offer 2 training session at no additional charge.  If you need more of course you can pay for these but experience tells us that our clients are very happy with this level of support.


All users will receive a written User Manual and a number of quick reference guides.

The Annual Licence Fee Covers:

Ongoing training at your school is detailed above – we also offer on-line dial-in support and training.

Help Line:
Contact with the 'Help Line' can be by e-mail, telephone or fax. We have established a reputation for excellence for our support and response. The helpline is available 24/7 52 weeks of the year.

User Group Meetings:
Periodic User Group Meetings are held which are open to all users and is free of charge.

Product Updates and Developments: Regular updates, which include requests for additional functionality and reports, are issued by e-mail. All of our schools receive the updates.

Expert Advice:
Expert advice on admissions, customer care and marketing by people who 'have done the job'. This also includes assisting schools to interpret and analyse the statistical data provided by RSAdmissions.

Technical Details

RSAdmissions has been developed using Microsoft programming tools with data being stored within secure Microsoft SQL Server database tables. It also takes advantage of the Microsoft family using Word and Excel as its main reporting tools but is also compatible with the Google suite.

RSAdmissions will run on Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

RSAdmissions utilises features of Microsoft SQL Server, an installation of Microsoft SQL Server Express, Standard or Enterprise, version 2012 or later is required, the installation should also be Network Enabled, if running in a networked environment.

Each client PC must have Office 2007, 2010 or 2013 and Microsoft .Net Framework V3.5 SP1 or later installed.
For Windows 7 and beyond - 1GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor and 1GB RAM (32-bit) or 2GB RAM (64-bit)
Minimum Screen resolution 1024 x 768

RSAdmissions can be used as a stand-alone system or in a networked environment, we also have several clients using terminal server thin client or Citrix configurations.

Pupil data can be exported for transfer into most school databases in CSV, CTF or XML formats. A field selection screen is available and the selection can be saved for use in subsequent transfers. Bespoke transfers exist for SchoolBase, Double First, Engage, PASS and iSAMS.

Apart from including the appropriate folders in the usual school back up processes, RSAdmissions requires very little support. Full system documentation and a help line are available.

Technical References

“The RSAdmissions team have always been exemplar when it comes to supporting us as an end user. This was again demonstrated when we upgraded the software to an SQL driven platform. They meticulously guided our support team through the step by step upgrade/migration process which was a complete success. RSAdmissions clearly demonstrated superior knowledge of their product, from training to support. I wouldn’t hesitate when recommending RSAdmissions to other schools”
Andrew Sheldon, Senior ICT Technician, Newcastle Under Lyme School

“We had only been running RSAdmissions here at Moulsford Prep School for a few months when we suffered a severe hardware failure resulting in losing our entire RSAdmissions Server and Database. I immediately contacted Jan to let her know of our predicament and seek some help in building a new SQL Database and to restore our RSAdmissions data. Despite Jan being on annual leave abroad, she provided me with the help and support needed to get our RSAdmissions system back up and running. This level of support was a tremendous help and to say I felt relieved would be an understatement! Going forward knowing that we have such a great level of support should we need it is so reassuring, and I cannot thank Jan enough”
Graham Rivers, ICT Network Manager, Moulsford Preparatory School

"We have been using RSAdmissions here at Stowe for over 5 years and our Admissions Department are very happy with it. This is in some ways no surprise as they were the ones who insisted on getting it! Initially I resisted as we have a pupil database and this handled all of our admissions satisfactorily. My arm was twisted by the then new Director of Admissions who really wanted stats like enquiry conversion rate and other details and functions that weren't included in our system. They researched and thought RS was the best system. I wasn't happy to split the admissions away from the main database but this proved not to be a problem as the export file RS generated could be imported into the main system via a script when pupils entered the school. One of the great pluses is that the main trainer and developer at RS used to be a registrar in a school and really knows her stuff. The support from them is excellent and very in tune with what goes on in an admissions office. Once things settled down we have had far fewer calls (almost none) from the admissions office for support from the ICT Dept. Overall, I am very pleased with the route we took and would recommend RS."
James Tearle, Head of ICT, Stowe School

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