Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create my own reports?

Yes ... If you really need to - but RSAdmissions includes well over 100 reports already!

Can I create my own reports?

Yes ... If you really need to - but RSAdmissions includes well over 100 reports already!

So how would I create my own report ?

You can export one of the existing reports to Excel or Word and make changes to it or create a report from scratch using the Mail Merge facility or the export to Excel facility. Such reports will be added to the reports list so that other colleagues can use it.

Can I create my own mail merge letters and Emails?

Yes ... RSAdmissions uses Microsoft Word for mail merges. You can change the content of the letters already in the system and each user can have a different version of each letter. In addition you can create your own mail merge letters, reports or emails from scratch.

Can I import data into RSAdmissions from my existing admissions database?

Yes ... we will do this as part of the installation process. If your data is very 'untidy' there may be a small charge to tidy it up.

Can I export data from RSAdmissions into my school system?

Yes ... RSAdmissions includes a simple process by which you choose the students and fields you wish to export to your school system. When you are ready you 'press a button' and an export file is created which most school and accounts systems are able to import. The amount of information that transfers will depend upon which school system you are using.

Can RSAdmissions handle separated parents?

Yes ... RSAdmissions has a facility for 'linking' additional parents, gurdians or other family members to the enquirer and the pupil.

How does RSAdmissions handle entrance examination details?

RSAdmissions has a whole suite of screens and reports for handling entrance examinations, assessments and interview processes.

What if I only have minimum details about a family?

Most fields are not compulsory – if you do not know the pupil's name you can input 'your daughter' or 'your son' in the child's name field and the mail merges will still make sense.

What if I have some obscure categories for my families, which most schools do not have?

All of the 'drop down menus' are under your control so you decide what appears in them. In addition, there are 6 'spare' fields that you can define for yourself.

What about Feeder Schools and Agents?

The previous schools and agents have their own area in the database and as such can be tracked and marketed to regardless of whether a pupil record is associated with them.

What does the maintenance fee cover?

The annual maintenance fee covers the telephone help line, updates to the product, unlimited 'on site' training and occasional User Group meetings. In addition, schools have access to the expertise of our team on marketing and admissions matters unrelated to the product.

What is the helpline and how does it work?

The help line is available by telephone, e-mail or fax all year round and actually 24/7. In reality, most calls come to us by e-mail as the majority of queries are to do with which report to run or the options for handling a particular circumstance.

What is the difference between a 'full' and a 'occasional' licence?

Occasional licences are considerably cheaper and are designed for use by members of staff who do not need to input the data.

How much training will I get?

Initial training usually takes about a day to give users sufficient knowledge to start using the system, a follow-up visit is then arranged 2-3 weeks' later. Further training visits can then be arranged as required at no extra cost. There are also proper written manuals and examples of reports available to all users.

What sort of Equipment do I need to run RSAdmissions?

You need a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or above and a PC running Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010 or above and with at least 500 Mb of RAM and a 500 MHz processor. Most installations will be based on a network Some of our clients use remote access systems and a number use thin clients.

What about safeguarding my data?

The database and associated client folders will live on your school 'server' and will be 'backed up' as part of the normal IT housekeeping routines.

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