"RSAdmissions is streets ahead of the admissions packages added on to the various school databases I have seen. It is easy to use, intuitive and extremely quick to access data when speaking to parents. The multitude of management reports gives excellent feedback on tracking enquiries and conversion rates. This is all backed up by excellent personal service - Jan is never too busy to answer a question if you are trying out a feature you have not used before. Having a programme written by someone who knows what our job is all about is priceless. An unexpected bonus has been the extremely useful user group meetings - I never fail to come away with even just one tip or trick that makes our office run more smoothly."
Alex Salandin, Registrar, Hornsby House School

"RSAdmissions is a vital resource for our marketing and admissions team. Developed by experienced professionals who have done the job, it is an easy to use database that provides the much-needed day-to-day tool for our admissions team. They would be lost without it! From a marketing perspective I can keep track of sales trends at any point and provide in depth statistical reports for planning purposes. Many of our marketing campaigns are based on key evidence sourced from RSAdmissions. The RSAdmissions team are always on hand to provide help when needed, they understand the demands of the role and know that when you need help you need a rapid response. They never fail to deliver on this front. Training requirements for new staff are also excellent and are often delivered within days by friendly and knowledgeable staff on site and all included in the price!”
Sophy Aitken, Head of Marketing, Felsted School

"The RSAdmissions team have always been exemplar when it comes to supporting us as an end user. This was again demonstrated when we upgraded the software to an SQL driven platform. They meticulously guided our support team through the step by step upgrade/migration process which was a complete success. RSAdmissions clearly demonstrates superior knowledge of their product, from training to support. I wouldn't hesitate when recommending RSAdmissions to other schools."
Andrew Sheldon, Senior ICT Technician, Newcastle Under Lyme School

"RSAdmissions database provides us with an incomparable Admissions tool to effortlessly manage our process from enquiry to acceptance and enrolment. It enables us to effectively store, manage and analyse reliable data which leads and directs the marketing function of the school. No other database comes close and you would have to wrestle us if you ever wanted to remove it!"
Joanna Clarke, Admissions and Marketing Coordinator, Roedean School

"We were impressed that the training was relaxed, flexible and tailored to each of our needs and your team delivered their knowledge in such a friendly and supportive manner – thank you all. Your open and friendly style will I am sure encourage us all to pick up the phone when we need a little help and this will certainly accelerate the breadth of our use and maximise the benefits as a result”
Lisa Palmer, Head of Marketing and Admissions, Taunton School

"We have now been working with the RSAdmissions team for over thirteen years and I am convinced that using their database has significantly increased our pupil numbers."
Rachel Scannell BA PGCE, Assistant Head (Admissions), Bromsgrove School

“We had only been running RSAdmissions here at Moulsford Prep School for a few months when we suffered a severe hardware failure resulting in losing our entire RSAdmissions Server and Database. I immediately contacted Jan to let her know of our predicament and seek some help in building a new SQL Database and to restore our RSAdmissions data. Despite Jan being on annual leave abroad, she provided me with the help and support needed to get our RSAdmissions system back up and running. This level of support was a tremendous help and to say I felt relieved would be an understatement! Going forward knowing that we have such a great level of support should we need it is so reassuring, and I cannot thank Jan enough”
Graham Rivers, ICT Network Manager, Moulsford Preparatory School

"Thank you Jan, glad it all went so smoothly. As far as upgrades go, yours have always been simple and quick on our end which is fantastic. I'm sure lots of hard work has been put into making this so!"
Charlie Higham, IT Technician, Pangbourne College

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